Schlock Corridor - Chicago's Rock 'n Roll McDonald's
 -by Lynn Becker

Old icon to new supersized-replacement.



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Chicago's original Rock n' Roll McDonald's. At the time of it's demolition last summer, it was the 3rd busiest store ini the United States.

Empty lot after demolition.

The new Rock 'n Roll McDonald's was constructed in under a year.

Construction photos are from January of 2005. The new facility opened in April of 2005.

Construction barricades.

The new Rock n' Roll McDonald's - cable-supported curtain wall.

Party tent for opening festivities commemorating opening of Ray Kroc's first McDonald's in Des Plaines, Illinois on April 15th, 1955. A re-creation of that facility remains open today as a museum.

Glass in curtain wall reflecting toadstools from the Rainforest Cafe across the street.


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